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Why choose us as your Investment Property Managers

Our role as your Investment Property Manager

Questions to ask when selecting a Property Manager

Free rent appraisal

Why choose us as your Investment Property Managers

Property investment should be easy. You invest. You earn a return. Simple.

Everything else in between should be taken care of by your Property Manager.

At Dickens Real Estate we recognise the value of personal service. Our Property Managers are experienced, highly trained and are committed to ensuring that you, your investment property and renters are cared for with the highest level of skill and professionalism. It is our goal to always exceed our landlord’s expectations and to build productive, long term relationships.

Our property management team is supported by a friendly team of real estate professionals who can provide a wide range of services for you including residential and commercial sales, holiday accommodation management, owners corporation management and appraisals. We have been servicing the local area for over 65 years and are a one stop shop for all of your local real estate needs.

For a free, no obligation rental appraisal of your home or investment property, please contact our Property Management Team who will be happy to make a time to meet with you or call for a copy of our Residential Property Investors Handbook which will provide a detailed overview of the services you can expect from us as your investment property managers.

See what other successful investors have to say . . .

As a property owner, I have dealt with many property management groups over the years. However, none have impressed me as much as the Dickens Real Estate Property Management Team. You are highly efficient, organized, and knowledgeable. You provide me with fantastic insight to not only the area, but also quickly found a tenant who was ideally suited to the type of property we have.

What sets the Dickens Real Estate Property Management Team apart from other property management groups is your excellent communication skills. You have a strong team, and I would like to call out Ashleigh in particular, for her professionalism and the great work she does for us. That said, you and the whole team are always available to answer any questions or concerns that I as a landlord may have. They provide advice on how best to approach improvements to the property as well as ensuring me value for money.

I highly recommend the Dickens Real Estate Property Management Team. You are an outstanding group of professionals who go above and beyond to ensure that your clients are satisfied.


Dickens Real Estate has looked after my rental properties, also my selling and buying of properties, for 20 years, and my father’s as well. 

When going overseas for twelve months, I had no hesitation in allowing my home to be left in the hands of the property management team. Communication is always good, and problems handled quickly. All the people who work there are extremely helpful and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their service is excellent. 


I can’t begin to tell you how much I have appreciated your professional but personal customer service.  So very refreshing in a world dedicated to call centres, web sites and “don’t bother me” styles of customer service.  All the great comments we have had re the unit are in a great part due to your management style.  So, thank you!


Since coming on board with Bright Holidays we have been so impressed with the consistency, transparency & excellent communication. We are very happy to be working with you.

Nicole & Mijo

The Residential Property Management team at Dickens Real Estate has been managing our rental properties in Porepunkah, Victoria for over 20 years. They are always professional, reliable and willing to go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome for not only us as landlords, but also our tenants. They have developed a network of quality tradespeople who promptly and professionally respond to any issue, big or small, and always keep us well informed regarding the progress of the job and the costs. Above all, they are a friendly and dependable group of people and it’s a pleasure working with them.


Being a Bright property owner and living overseas, the Property Management Team handle all tenant issues, inspections, repairs and any other arising issues with professionalism and prompt efficiency. The team are always contactable, offer sound advice, and keep me totally up to date on what’s what. I couldn’t manage my property without them and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dickens Real Estate when buying or selling in Bright and surrounds.


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Our role as your Investment Property Manager

Our role is simply to maximise the return on your property investment.

You may be looking to rent the family home, purchase or already own an investment property and it is our role to ensure reliable income and capital growth of your investment property whilst removing the hassle for you.

To do so encapsulates a wild and wonderful spectrum of responsibilities that you can be assured will be handled with the utmost professionalism and with open and honest communication with you.

Managing your income

  • We advise on market rent and conduct regular free of charge rent appraisals.
  • We collect rent with a zero tolerance rent arrears management policy.
  • We will implement rent increases in line with market conditions and the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • We will handle payment of all disbursements including invoices for maintenance works, water rates and Owners Corporation Fees and ensure rental statements and funds are paid to you, on time, each month.

Managing your renters

  • We will find the right renter for your property through extensive marketing channels.
  • We will screen all renters thoroughly including in-depth reference checks and tenancy database checks.
  • We will implement a legally binding tenancy agreement and lodgement of bond.
  • We will handle complaints and emergencies.
  • We will develop a detailed entry condition report supported by photos at the beginning of a tenancy and compare this report to the property at the end of the tenancy.

Managing repairs and maintenance

To achieve the maximum return from your investment property and to attract and retain quality tenants, it must be maintained in the best possible condition.

  • We will conduct the maximum number of routine inspections allowable under the law during each tenancy supplying you with a report after each one.
  • We will respond to all maintenance issues on your behalf.
  • We offer a preferred list of qualified tradespeople.
  • We pay invoices on your behalf.
  • We conduct final tenant inspections and arrange for repairs or claims where necessary.

Managing within the law

Our experienced property managers have a comprehensive knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and are continuously keeping up to date with the ever changing legislative requirements.

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Questions to ask when selecting a Property Manager

  • What human resources has the agency allocated to leasing properties?
  • Do the agency staff members personally show prospective tenants through properties?
  • How does the agency market available properties for lease?
  • Request some examples of recent internet listings? (looking at the quality of ad copy & images)
  • How much information is obtained from applicants for properties and what information is verified?
  • What documented systems are in place for property management?
  • What is your process for dealing with rent arrears?
  • What is your process for reviewing & negotiating the rent on my property?
  • What is your process for dealing with repairs and maintenance?
  • What steps do you take to ensure that all contractors working on my property are properly licensed and insured?
  • What steps do you take to ensure that all maintenance work is competitively priced?
  • How frequently will you inspect my property?
  • What is the experience level of the staff members who will be leasing and managing my property & how much ongoing training do they have?
  • Do you send rent statements by email and deposit rental funds electronically?
  • What references do you have from satisfied clients?
  • What back up staff are there in the event my property manager is sick or on holidays?
  • How frequently will you communicate with me and what form will it take?

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Free rent appraisal

One of the benefits of owning an investment property is the extra income it generates. So, savvy investors look for ways to maximise their return on investment. An important step in achieving this is to get a rental appraisal conducted professionally. A Property Manager will be able to appraise a property for a market rent using current market trends and conditions and comparing the property to what similar properties in the area are achieving.

There are many reasons to get a rental appraisal;

  • One of the main benefits of a rental appraisal is that they are generally free. This makes them a risk-free option that every savvy property investor should be taking advantage of.
  • Our property manager will collect and share information that can directly help your financial future and offer it to you at no cost. This truly makes getting a rental appraisal an opportunity too good to miss out on.
  • As any good salesperson will tell you, the key to success is to know your product. A benefit of getting a rental appraisal conducted is that you will gain a better understanding of your current or potential asset.
  • Rental appraisals can open the door to conversations with a property manager about your property and help you find out what can be improved upon. By taking measures to amplify the appeal of your investment property to potential tenants, you can justifiably increase the rent and therefore your return on investment.
  • Property managers can also give you information about other properties in the suburb of your investment. You can use this information to see how your property is performing in comparison.
  • Rental appraisals aren’t just for those that own an investment property. If you’re considering becoming a property investor, you can get a rental appraisal done to understand what your return on investment will be. The appraisal could also help you assess your purchase when seeking a loan. Knowing your potential rental income can help you understand the affordability of your repayments.
  • By having a rental appraisal conducted by a real estate professional, you will be forming a very important connection that could potentially help stabilise your financial future.

Our property management team can take the hassle out of owning an investment property and make it a far less stressful experience for you. Our main goal will be to make your investment property as profitable for you as possible.

Organise a free rental appraisal with Dickens Real Estate today to get a strong picture of your property’s true value on the market.

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