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What sets us apart?

We want to take the hassle out of owners corporation management, and we are uniquely qualified to do so. What differentiates us from other management companies?

  • We are local and community-focused. 
  • We provide exceptional service.
  • We possess both knowledge and experience.
  • We behave in a transparent manner in all our dealings.
  • We build and maintain relationships for the long term.


Local community focus

We are a locally owned and operated business that is an integral part of the community here in Bright. Our directors and staff contribute in numerous ways to support a variety of civic groups and causes.


Exceptional service

 As a leading real estate agency since 1953, we have built a reputation for providing impeccable service to all our clients, including owners corporations.


Experience and knowledge

Our committed staff are trained in all aspects of real estate, including owners corporation management, and we are continually expanding and updating our skills.


Transparency in all respects

This goes without saying—we are here to assist you with what you need and are happy to make recommendations when and where appropriate.  We guide the decision-making process rather than dictating it.  As real estate agents, we act under industry best practices and privacy regulations in all areas of our business.


Strong, lasting relationships

Emphasis on communication in all aspects of our business is one of our main goals when dealing with our clientele.  It fosters better relationships with each and every person or stakeholder, developing respect, trust, and empathy.


Our management services

We pride ourselves on being able to provide comprehensive services for owners corporations, including:

  • All accounting matters relating to the owners corporation
  • All record-keeping and correspondence on behalf of the owners corporation
  • All documentation and organisation of owners corporation meetings, including attendance
  • Arrangement of insurance and processing of claims and property valuations
  • Maintenance and repairs as instructed by the owners corporation
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and regulations

To see the full list of the manager’s professional duties and responsibilities as established in the Owners Corporation Act 2006, click here


Building and common property maintenance

Being located in Bright allows us to visit your property on a regular basis—at least once a quarter.

Over the years, we have compiled a database of reliable, competent tradespeople, allowing us to efficiently arrange and oversee all your regular and emergency gardening and maintenance requirements. We ensure that the common property is well maintained and protected.

We are also happy to assist the owners corporation with any long-term maintenance plans and projects.